Expert Witness' Comments

I am writing to express my appreciation for your thoroughness and professionalism in the L Roberts trial. It is always rewarding to see a skilled craftsman at work. Dr. Ron F.

I wanted you to know that I think very highly of your ability as a defender and I enjoyed the opportunity I had to work with you on the case. I feel very comfortable having you manage all of my patient's legal matters. Dr. Staten C. M. 


John, I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity. I am aware I'm not very good at thank yous, but please know I am very appreciative of everything you've done for me. Heidi H.

I would like to thank you for everything. I want you to know you are a wonderful person to work with. I appreciate you calling and making sure everything is fine, it really goes to the heart and makes me feel really grateful that I have an employer who cares for the employee. In short you are a genuine person and don't ever settle for less. Cara

I am sorry I did not get the chance to say thank you and good-bye in person, but I wanted you to know that I am truly grateful for the learning opportunity that you gave me. Laura B.

Before I forget because I get sooo busy, I want to express my appreciation to YOU. 
You are a good person and people don't often take the time to express the positive to and about people. That is why I am doing so now. I have sent this to Craig and Keith also, I want them to hear the "good things" about you as well.

Even though it has been stressful with the changes in the past year, I have appreciated and admired you for taking the initiative to take it all on. In working with you daily, I appreciate you attitude of not giving up, your following up on your word, your positive input/attitude, your drive and that you care as well. As a part of a group and as a leader, I appreciate your humor, class/style, authenticity and honest opinions that you bring. Thank you for everything you do. Sincerely, Tawni

Congratulations to the Litigation team, who together brought in over $1 million in fees during 2005 - thanks in par to a huge bad faitl faith settlement negotiated by John  Fay. J.C.S. December 2005

Thank you so much for always being so nice and kind to me! I have loved getting to know you better here in the office! You're an amazing man and such a wonderful example to me. You are so full of life and love which I really admire. I hope that I can share the kindness that you have shown to me with lots of other people now and in the future. You're (like I said before) an amazing man and I feel so lucky to have been able to work in the office with you! I'm really going to miss seeing your smiling face! Rachel F.

John is one of the most tenacious, passionate and ethical lawyers that I have ever met. Defense lawyers realize that then John is on the other side they are in for a real battle. We want John's focus prospectively to be on our bigger cases where he can do the most good... J.C.S. May 2007

Dear John, Civility, courtesy, humility, graciousness and charm have long been missing among many lawyers who practice law. You are the epitome of these qualities and are eminently qualified to be president of UTLA. Lillian G. 09/2005

John Fay has been recognized as "Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate."  "This designation is a well deserved honor for John. It shows his commitment to always improving his skills as an advocate for his clients, as well as the firm." J.C.S October 2008

John, How are you doing? I just saw your post on the UAJ and it made me smile just to see your name and think about you. I sure miss you around here. I really appreciate all the training and mentoring you provided. I hope you are doing well. Brittany T. 7/2009

Great job, John. You are a hell of a trial lawyer. Deep down, I'm jealous! ATM June 2007

I second Bryan's nomination of John Fay. He has the passion needed to do a great job. J.C.S October 2009

John - I can't thank you enough for providing that memo. You saved me 60 hours of work and gave me a better product than I would have come up with on my own. IOU, Buddy. Dan W. 12/2006

John, thanks for taking the time to help and share your knowledge with the others at the firm. You are a great man. J.C.S. 10/20/2008

John and Wendee, great job on this case! ATM November 2008

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